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Android Barcode Generation Library for EAN 8


This Android Barcode generation library for EAN 8 is a reliable and professional EAN 8 barcode generator which allows you to easily add EAN 8, EAN 8+2 digit Add-on and EAN 8+5 digit add-on barcode drawing functionality into your Android applications in minutes. EAN 8 barcodes generated by the EAN 8 barcode generation library are compatible with the latest ISO EAN 8 barcode symbologies standards.


Used Technologies of EAN 8 Barcode Generation for Android

The EAN 8 Barcode Library for Android is developed from Java barcode library and completely written in Android 1.5 SDK.

EAN 8 Barcode Images Generated by the Android Barcode Generator

The EAN 8 barcode generator for Android generates high quality EAN 8, EAN 8+2 digit Add-on and EAN 8+5 digit add-on barcode images that can be saved as formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF. Flexible EAN 8 barcode size support allows the developers adjusting the EAN 8 image size, bar width, bar height, margins as well as the resolutions. Wide to narrow ratios of EAN 8 can be configured by developers. Color settings support is provided for changing the EAN 8 background, foreground colors as well as text colors.

EAN 8 Barcode Customization for Android

Various EAN 8 barcode options are provided for users to configure the properties of EAN 8. The data encoded in the EAN 8 barcode can be displayed or not with the barcode text option. Automatic check digit calculation allows the developers applying the checksum on the EAN 8 barcode. EAN 8 Barcode orientation can be set to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Source code and Developer License

EAN 8 Barcode generator for Android source code is available for the source code license purchased version.